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Residential Pressure Cleaning Pumps

Pump models include CPH2525UI, CPH2530UI, TH3020G, TH2016G, TH2020G, TH2516G, TH2520G, TH3016G, TH3516G, TH3520G, TV2016G, TV2020G, TV2516G, TV2520G, TV3016G, TV3020G, TV3516G, TV3520G

T Series 49

Pump models include T721B, T731B, T9711EBF, T9721B, T9721EBF, T9731B, T9731EBF

TT Series 51

Pump model sinclude TT1505EBF, TT2021EBF, T9051EBF, TT9061EBF, TT2028EBF, TT9071EBF, TT9111EBF, TT2035EBF, T9051EBFU, TT9061EBFU, TT9071EBFU, TT9061EBFUI, T9051EBFUI, TT9071EBFUI, TT2035EBFUI, TT9061GBF, TT2028GBF, TT9071GBF, TT2035GBF, TT1540GBF, TT901, TT951, TT931, TT9111, TT941

TP Series 51

Pump models include TP2021C17, TP2024C17, TP2032C17, TP2520J34, TP2526J34, TP2530J34, TP2533J34, TP2520J34UIL, TP2526J34UIL, TP2530J34UIL, TP2533J34UIL
The TP Series 51 Triplex plunger pumps feature hollow shafts and are flanged for direct couple to gasoline engines with performance ranginf from 1.9 to 3.3 gpm at 2500 psi.

TX Series 63

Pump models include TX1505G6, TX1506G6, TX1506G6UIL, TX1506G6UKL, TX1506G8, TX1508G6, TX1508G8UIL, TX1508G8UKL, TX1508G8, TX1506S34, TX1508S34, TX1509G8, TX1509G8UIL, TX1509G8UKL, TX1510G8UIL, TX1509G8UKL, TX1510E179, TX1510E349, TX1510G8, TX1510S34, TX1512E179, TX1512S17, TX1518G8, TX1810E179, TX1810S17, TX1812E179, TX1812S17
The TX 63 Series feature reliable pumps ready for direct coupling with Gas Engines and electric motors. Peformanceranged from 2000 to 3000 psi and 2.1 up to 4.0 gpm.

EZ Series 44

Pump models include EZ2530SUI, EZ2536E, EZ2536EUI, EZ2536S, EZ2542E, EZ2542S, EZ2545E, EZ2545GUI, EZ2545S, EZ2555E, EZ2555S, EZ3030G34, EZ3030G34UI, EZ3035G, EZ3035GUI
The EZ Series General Pumps feature forged brass manifold Triples plunger pumps with solid plungers ranging in performance from 2500 to 4000 PSI and GPM from 3.0 to 5.5.

T Series 50

Pump models include T911, T9351, T9441, T991, T9951, T9971, TT9351
The T Series 50 General Pumps feature the original InterPump inlet and outlet valves. They are ideal for all general cleaning/washing applications and can be used in direct drive applications. Performance ranges from 4 gpm at 1100 psi up to 2500 psi at 4.4 gpm.

T Series 47

Pump models include 190407, T1011GR, T1011, T1321, T1621-N, T5050, T9211-N-GR, T9211, T9211-N, T921, T9281-N-GR, T9281-N, T9281, TS1011GR, TS1011, TS1021GR, TS1021, TS1321GR, TS1321, TS1331GR, TS1331, TS1511GR, TS1511, TS1621-N-GR, TS1621-N, TS1621, TS1711GR, TS1711, TS1811, TS2011-N-GR, TS2011-N, TS2011, TS2012SS, TS2016SS, TS2021-N-GR, TS2021-N, TS2021, TS2212SS, TS921GR, TS921
The T Series 47 Triplex plunger pumps are the preferred pump in the Pressure Cleaning Industry. They feature forged brass manifolds with lifetime warranty's as well as stainless steel manifolds while performance ranges from 4 gpm up to 5.6 gpm and pressures from 1500 psi to 3500 psi.